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SodaStream Fizz PresentationAs many of my friends know, I’ve been an avid soda enthusiast for many years. For the past little while I’ve been experimenting with many of the SodaStream home soda maker starter kits, and have been able to compare many of the pros and cons of their different models.

My latest review tests the popular mid-level SodaStream Fizz home soda maker.

As I have owned or tried quite a few different models, I was eager to test out this one. I liked the fact that it could use the larger 33oz carbonator tank, which is really handy your family uses the SodaStream machines as much as mine does :)

In this SodaStream Fizz review, I will discuss how this machine works, present a few pros and cons, and highlight a few customer reviews. At the end of the article, I provide some resources on where to get the best deal for the SodaStream Fizz starter kit.

What is the SodaStream Fizz?

sodastream fizz different modelsThe SodaStream Fizz starter kit is one of the mid-level models in the SodaStream line up of Do-It-Yourself Soda makers. It features handy additions like the Fizz Chip, which I will cover in detail, and has many positive attributes when compared to other models in its class.

The Fizz can be ordered with either the soda kit or the seltzer kit, which I thought was a nice touch, as it caters to people that love soda-pop as well as those who are interested in a sparkling water maker as well.

I have hosted a few gatherings where the lightly flavored sparkling water and sparkling juices were an absolute hit, and all my friends were anxious to see what new toy I would bring out for them this time.

Let’s begin our in depth SodaStream Fizz review, starting with the home soda maker kits and sparkling water kit. I recommend the value packs when ordering any of the SodaStream lineup as they give the best dollar value for the goods that are included.

SodaStream Fizz Dimensions and Specifications

  • Height: 18”
  • Depth: 9”
  • Width: 5”

Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Silver and Black

Materials: Outer body is made of hardened plastic for ease of cleaning

Bottle Capacity: Uses BPA-free 1 litre plastic bottles

What Stands Out with the SodaStream Fizz?

Fizz ChipWhat stood out most for me was the new feature of the Fizz Chip. This model uses an electronic gauge on the top of the soda maker to let you know how much gas is remaining in the carbonator tank, as well as the fizz level of the drink that you have made.

Unfortunately, this also means that batteries are required for this unit. Although I have heard of a few problems with the Fizz Chip not properly reading the gas levels, this is usually due to a battery problem. SodaStream has since addressed this issue, and customer service was said to be very helpful and quickly dealt with the problem.

As far as I know, no problems have been reported on any new SodaStream Fizz units.

Environmentally, the SodaStream Fizz helped my family cut down the amount of waste from recycling bottles and cans from store bought sodas and spritzers, and the reusable 1 litre bottles fit nicely into the refrigerator.


I have found that even with the added Fizz Chip for the SodaStream Fizz, the sodas tend to not stay fizzy for as long as in other models. The carbonation usually lasts about 5 days. I have been able to keep the drinks fizzy for longer by adding extra carbonation, which you can vary using the Fizz Chip.

Drink Quality:

SodaStream Taste SamplerAlways the biggest question in any reviews, how does the SodaStream Fizz drinks taste?

I ordered the SodaStream Fizz Seltzer kit, as opposed to the soda kit, which I already have at home. I did this primarily because I wished to use the Fizz as a sparkling water maker. The flavors I received were the MyWater Flavour Essence packs, which added a subtle yet refreshing flavor to sparkling water.

As always, I have absolutely no complaints about the taste of the drinks, and all my friends still rave about the exotic mixes that I can concoct using the SodaStream Fizz home soda maker.

Ease of Use:

I really liked the feature of the Fizz Chip – it adds the perfect look to this sleek design. Like all the SodaStream machines I have tried out, the Fizz is also very straight forward to operate, and 1 litre bottles are very functional. I always have to remember to keep water chilling in them after I have finished a bottle.


The main drawback that I found with the SodaStream Fizz is the bottles. The bottles are not actually dishwasher safe as I found out the hard way. When I came to take it out of the dishwasher, it was a melted mess. These bottles cost about $10 each, and do last a long time if you take care of them, but I guess I was too accustomed to the glass carafes of the SodaStream Crystal (which are dishwasher safe).

Also, because the outer body is made of hard plastic it is a little harder to keep clean. This is because plastic dirties faster than the stainless steel body of other models. It more than makes up for that by being much lighter and featuring a higher capacity carbonator.

SodaStream Fizz soda makerPros:

  • Features a “Fizz Chip” to help you guage the level of fizz (e.g. carbonation) in each bottle
  • Great colors can accent any kitchen color scheme
  • Sparkling juice made with this machine tastes bubbly and delicious
  • The 33oz size that can be used in this model allows for extended use
  • Easy to use
  • Drastically cuts down on recyclables and waste in the house


  • Needs batteries to power Fizz Chip, though the SodaStream Fizz works without it
  • Bottles are not machine washable
  • Tends to get dirty easier than other models

Other SodaStream Fizz Soda Maker Reviews

I decided to do a bit of research on what other customers thought of this machine. I’ve included some excerpt from other SodaStream Fizz reviews below:

“I bought The Fizz model, and I truly love this machine that I use every day. My husband was a total skeptic about this purchase, but he loves it as much as I do! Don’t hesitate – get one ASAP and you’ll be so glad for so many reasons! I think this is the best new product of the decade” Barbara, Amazon.com

“After weeks of research, I came to buy the “Fizz” because it has a meter telling you the CO2 levels in the tank and how much CO2 you put into the drink. The others do not have this option.” CJ, Amazon.com

“We have owned this a little over 2 months and have really enjoyed it. It’s easy set up, no mess and the flavors we have tried have been nice. We love being able to make our own soda and each have a different flavor if we desire.” Felkin, Amazon.com

Conclusion: Is The SodaStream Fizz Right For You?

Fizzy beverageThe SodaStream Fizz is a sturdy, highly-functional, and sleek looking home soda maker. It is also the only SodaStream unit that comes with a Fizz Chip to help you decide how much carbonation to add to your drinks.

If you’re looking for a home soda maker that has some additional features without breaking the bank, than this is the right machine for you!

Where To Buy The SodaStream Fizz Starter Kit – IMPORTANT INFO

SodaStream Fizz BoxAfter doing a bit of searching around, I found an awesome deal on this machine from Amazon. This machine usually retails for $179, but you can currently get it on Amazon for $30 off.

Since this is a starter pack, it includes all the bells and whistles to get you started in making soda. So for $141, you get the SodaStream Fizz machine, a BPA free carbonating bottle, a 60L CO2 Carbonator, and a sampler-pack of flavors.

I’ve noticed that Amazon sells out of this unit quite frequently, so you’d be well-advised to pick yours up ASAP if you’re looking to make soda at home soon!

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