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SodaStream Dynamo Review | An In-Depth Look

sodastream dynamoEasy to use, sleek, compact design, and the beverages taste wonderfully fresh with the added plus of less of those nasty preservatives the doctors are always warning us about. The sample pack was a nice addition because it included mixes that you might not consider purchasing but were actually quite refreshing. Hello again everyone!

I was finally able to get my hands on the SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe, which is the higher-end entry level model of home soda maker from the wonderful people at SodaStream. As an avid home soda brewer and expert user of all things SodaStream, I have always loved making my own soft drinks using the simple machines that SodaStream offers.

In this SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe review you will be able to find the dimensions, some pros and cons, where the best place to order the Dynamo Deluxe is, as well as other interesting tips I have found. If you are considering the SodaStream Dynamo, this article will help you make an informed choice.

What is the SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe?

If you are new to the world of home soda making, The SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe is a machine that uses a carbonator tank filled with CO2 to let you turn regular tap water into sparkling water in about 30 seconds. The Dynamo does not require batteries or electricity, and lets you enjoy fizzy beverages without having to carry heavy bottles and cans from the store. You can use your SodaStream Dynamo to make everything from seltzer water and sparkling teas to energy drinks and soda pop.

Now that we have covered the basics, lets get into the specific details of the SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe.

sodastream dynamo metallicSodaStream Dynamo Deluxe Dimensions and Features

  • Height: “16.5
  • Depth: 8.5″
  • Width: 5.5″
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Bottle Capacity: Uses 1 Litre BPA-Free Plastic bottles. Can also use smaller 1/2 litre size bottles as well.


In this part of the SodaStream Dynamo review, we will go over a few of the features that make the Dynamo model slightly different than others.

The Dynamo Deluxe features an easier Snap-On system that no longer requires you to thread in the bottles to the nozzle of the machine, saving a lot of wear and tear on both the Dynamo and your bottles to give them a longer lifespan. The Dynamo Deluxe also has an easy to use push button located on the top of the machine for carbonation.


sodastream carbonatorThe SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe is one of only a few SodaStream models that will let you use the larger 33oz size carbonator tank. This will allow you to make double the usual amount of drinks before having to switch out tanks and is very handy for people like me who use their soda maker often.

The carbonation usually lasts around 6-10 days in the bottle, but really depends on how many times it is opened in the mean time. The level of carbonation in your drink also depends on the amount of times you hit the carbonation button. I prefer a little extra bite in my soft drinks so I tend to use 4 or 5 “buzzes” of the machine, but you want to be careful as over-carbonation can make a mess.

Ease of Use:

I was very impressed with the drinks I was able to craft with the Dynamo Deluxe. I was initially a little skittish about adding too much carbonation, but in truth the push button system is very easy to work with and as soon as you get a feel for the “sweet spot” of how fizzy you want your drink to be, it is quite enjoyable to use.

The Snap-On system featured by the SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe is also very handy. Compared to the Genesis that requires the bottle to be screwed in all the way, the Dynamo is much simpler to load and unload, and the potential for a fizzy disaster is considerably less.


The immediate benefits of the SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe are plain to see. My family used to go through dozens of cans every week, not to mention the bottles of Pellegrino that my wife enjoys. We have since been able to cut down on the plastic and glass recycling considerably after we started using our SodaStream machine.

The soft drink mixes that were included with our starter kit were also a big hit with the kids, and they use the Dynamo as much as the adults do. Though the syrup may initially turn people off due to its strange smell and laundry soap style container, it is actually pretty good to drink when properly mixed in. The fact that it contains only about 30% of the sugar and carbs that the regular brands have is also nice to know, seeing as how we go through a lot of soda pop in our house.

Someone also recently pointed out to me that our refrigerator is a lot less cluttered these days. This is definitely due to the fact that we no longer have to store large glass bottles of sparkling water and 2-liter bottles of pop (which inevitably go flat before they are finished). I can keep about 30 different flavors of syrups in a cupboard and have the ability to make pretty much any drink that my imagination can come up with.


sodastream bottleThis SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe review just wouldn’t be complete without listing the drawbacks that I have found. There are not many to note, but it is important that you read through them, as you can avoid some needless headaches.

First off, the BPA-Free Plastic 1 litre bottles are NOT machine washable. You can either wash them by hand or order the PEN-Plastic Bottles that are dishwasher safe. Washing the standard bottles in the dishwasher can cause the plastic to melt slightly, and while it may not look too bad, you need to remember that the plastic has to withstand the pressure of repeated carbonation in the machine.

Also, unlike some of the higher-end models, the Dynamo Deluxe does not have a gauge to measure the remaining gas left in the carbonator tank. As such, you don’t have an accurate idea of how much carbonation is left in the tank until its all gone. It isn’t a huge deal for me, as I use the larger 33oz size tank, and keep a couple spare around anyways.

Other SodaStream Dynamo Reviews

To make this article as detailed as possible, I decided to look through some other SodaStream Dyanamo reviews to see what others thought of this machine. I’ve included some excerpts from these reviews below:

“Easy to use, sleek, compact design, and the beverages taste wonderfully fresh with the added plus of less of those nasty preservatives the doctors are always warning us about. The sample pack was a nice addition because it included mixes that you might not consider purchasing but were actually quite refreshing.” John, Amazon.com

Love it. Use it every day. Love not having to save empty bottles. Flavors are very close if not better than national brands. Easy to use.” Daniel Clark, Amazon.com

“I used to lug cases and liter bottles of flavored seltzer water from store to home several times a week. Now, with this machine I can make water that tastes exactly like that which I was spending tons of money on, and generating lots of plastic bottles from. It literally takes 30 seconds to make yourself of refreshing liter of your favorite beverage at home.” Dex, Amazon.com

Concluding Thoughts

Glass of Lemon Lime Soda with PourHaving used the SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe for a little while and becoming more familiar with its workings, I have found that it is actually an unbelievably good investment. It saves space, money, and times, and generates less waste then constantly drinking store-bought soda.

Although it is classed as an “entry level” model, it is quite sturdy and reliable and provides great versatility with carbonation. It is well built and the kids love to use it as much as my wife and I do. Our SodaStream Dynamo has been a great addition to our kitchen and will always have a place on our counter!

Where To Buy The SodaStream Dynamo – IMPORTANT INFO

sodastream dynamo packageIf you’re interested in getting the SodaStream Dynamo, now is the time to get it. After searching around I have found an amazing deal on this SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe MegaPack over at Amazon.com. Although the Dynamo retails for about $150, you can get the Deluxe Mega-Pack on Amazon for $86.84 including FREE SHIPPING. This is a huge savings of 43%.

Plus since you’re getting it through Amazon, you can always return it for a full refund if you decide its not for you.

The Mega-Pack includes the machine, a 130 Litre Carbonator, 3 carbonating bottles, and a 12-flavor sample pack. This is basically everything you need to start making soda at home and then some!

If you’re eager to start making soda at home, I recommend you give the Dynamo a try today. If you order it through Amazon you save $70 off the retail price, and you can have it shipped to your door for free. You could be enjoying your very own home soda maker within the week if you order yours today!

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