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SodaStream Pure with Glass of SodaHello everyone!

After having tested out the SodaStream Pure home soda maker for a while around my house and office, I feel I have learned everything I can about to put together a detailed SodaStream Pure review. If you did not know, I own or have tested many of SodaStream’s lineup of do-it-yourself soda kits, and have had a great time using all them.

Once this order arrived at the door I was excited to once more get into the fun of making my own soda, this time with the SodaStream Pure soda maker.

What is the SodaStream Pure?

The SodaStream Pure is supposed to be one of the finest home soda makers in its price range, and I can totally see why. If you are new to SodaStream and home soda crafting, Ill bring you up to speed now!

The SodaStream Pure home soda maker kit lets you turn chilled tap water into fizzy, carbonated soda water (or seltzer) in about 30 seconds. The Pure model needs no batteries or electricity to operate, only the CO2 filled tank and ordinary water. After you have carbonated the water in the BPA-Free reusable plastic bottles, you can then add any of SodaStream’s (or your own experimental) flavors into the bottle, making your very own home made soft drinks.

SodaStream offers over 60 different flavors, none of which contain any high-fructose corn syrup. All the diet options are aspartame free as well, as the company has decided to sweeten them naturally with Splenda instead. All the soft drinks contain only about 30% of of the sugar and carb content as their brand-name equivalents, but seem to taste just as good in my opinion.

SodaStream Pure Dimensions and Features

  • sodastream carbonatorHeight: 17″
  • Depth: 9″
  • Width: 6″
  • Weight: 8 lbs

Colors: Available in Black/Steel or White/Steel

Bottle Capacity: Uses 1 litre reusable BPA-Free plastic bottles.

About This Machine

The SodaStream Pure home soda maker received the Honourable Mention at the 2008 Red Dot Design Awards, and is a great example of smart style mixed with functional design.

The stainless steel finish with the black or white color scheme fits well in any kitchen, blending in perfectly with any layout.

The SodaStream Pure does not require batteries or electricity, making it perfect to take on the RV, boat , or to a friends house. I have used my Pure at several gatherings and family dinners and it has always made a great conversation starter. The operation is so simple, I can let the kids use it without worrying that something will go wrong.

The Pure model ONLY uses the smaller 14.5oz carbonator tank, and will not fit the larger 33oz tank, so make sure that you are aware of that if you intend to order spare CO2 tanks, which I recommend.

Using the SodaStream Pure

SodaStream Pure in ActionThe SodaStream Pure is very easy to use.

Simply attach the tank to into the body, but do not over-tighten. Fill up the plastic bottle with cold water, screw the bottle onto the Pure machine, and pull the lever forward 2-5 times. You can control the level of carbonation going into the water by using fewer or more pulls of the lever.

I prefer my soda extra fizzy, so I tend to do 4 or 5 pulls, but it really depends on what you are making. I recommend fewer when making the energy drink or the fizzy tea mixes, but more if enjoying the sparkling water flavors as they are more mild and compliment the extra  bite well.


As I previously stated, I have used almost all of the SodaStream machines, and I can safely say that the SodaStream Pure does the best job of carbonating water and keeping the fizz in there for the longest. The carbonation lasts for up to 10 days, depending greatly upon how much fizz you added at first, and how many times you open your bottle afterwards.

The SodaStream Pure gives the idea “sparkling water” a whole new meaning when you enjoy your first sip of your own home-crafted seltzer. I use my Pure mostly for mild flavors and sparkling juice mixes, though it works just as well for the occasional soft drink that the kids whip up too.

Ease of Use 

Like almost all of SodaStream’s home soda maker kits, the Pure is very simple to operate.  There are no complicated pieces to assemble and once the carbonator tank has been screwed in, you are pretty much ready to go. Attach the plastic bottle filled with chilled water, give it a few pumps with the lever, and you have yourself a crisp and refreshing beverage. Add in some syrup or flavorings to the sparkling water and you can have any drink you can think of.

The hardest thing to remember about using any of SodaStream’s machines for me has been to remember to keep water chilling in the refrigerator. It is an easy thing to overlook, and drinking “luke cold” soda isn’t exactly the same thing.


SodaStream Pure MachineWhen you buy soda from the store, there’s a lot of extra work involved in lugging around heavy flats of soda and bottles of sparkling water into the garage of the house. Plus afterwards there’s a lot of room required to store the empties for recycling. But after investing in the SodaStream Pure home soda maker kit, the amount of waste it saved was definitely noticeably.

The main benefit of the SodaStream Pure for my family is still the health factor. Though I cannot say that drinking soft drinks will ever be “healthy”, I think that the amount of sugar and carbs that my family consumes from soda now is in a much better range.

Also keeping many flavors of soft drinks around is no longer a problem, as I can keep about 30 different syrup bottles in a cupboard now instead of having a fridge packed with half-filled, mostly flat 2 litre bottles of Walmart brand soda that would normally go to waste.


It is good to be aware that the plastic bottles used by the SodaStream Pure are unique to the SodaStream lineup of machines, and you will not be able to carbonate other bottles, as the threads will not match up.

I bought the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit, which included only one bottle. For those with a family and kids like me, one bottle is simply not enough. I advise that you get a couple extra bottles when you order so that you can run a smooth operation.  Also the bottles are NOT dishwasher safe, something I learned the hard way.

I also found that this particular unit is almost as tall as my cabinets in the kitchen, and it barely squeezed in. Always make sure that you read the specs and dimensions before you order, or you may find yourself at a loss as to where to place your new machine.

Other SodaStream Pure Reviews

In putting together my SodaStream Pure review, I had a look at a bunch of other reviews to find out what other people thought of this machine. It seemed people were general positive about how well this machine works and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys soda. I’ve included some excerpts from other SodaStream reviews below.

“Wow, makes great soda as fizzy as you wish. The carbonation stays better than regular soda, and it’s great because you actually control how much fizz to do.” Sharol, Amazon.com

“It’s nice to be able to whip up soda any time without having to lug big slabs of cans or heavy bags of bottles in from the supermarket. It’s nice not to have to fill up a whole shelf in the fridge with soda. That’s the real benefit to this.” P. Lovett, Amazon.com

” It makes flawless carbonated water and does so in a matter of seconds, from cold tap water without the use of any electricity. The carbonated water it produces lasts far longer in my fridge, in terms of bubbles and fizz, than any carbonated water I’ve gotten from the store, including Pellegrino.” Amanda, Amazon.com

Concluding Thoughts:

Glass of Lemon Lime Soda with PourI have enjoyed using the SodaStream Pure home soda maker every time that I have brought it out. It makes a great crisp drink every time and is easy to keep clean. The carbonation lasts longer than any store bought soda I have ever come across. Plus the large variety in flavors ensures you can always change up what you drink.

When you have guests over, the SodaStream Pure instantly becomes a great conversation piece. People are immediately interested in how sleek and easy to use this home soda maker is. If you’ve ever been looking for a fast, convenient, and cheap way of making soda at home, the SodaStream pure is the way to go!

Where To Buy The SodaStream Pure – IMPORTANT INFO

SodaStream Pure Starter Kit PackageI decided to include this section at the end of my SodaStream Pure review to give you the most up-to-date info on where to get this machine for the lowest price online. Right now, Amazon has the best deal.

This machine normally retails for $149.95. But right now Amazon is offering a 15% discount. You can get the whole SodaStream pure starter kit for 129.95. That includes the soda maker, one carbonator, and one BPA-free plastic bottle.

That’s basically everything you need to start making your very own sparkling water at home. Plus they are also offering FREE SHIPPING. If you buy it today, you could be enjoying your very own home-made soda within the week!

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