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My SodaStream Penguin Review

sodastream penguin coolI have been a fan of SodaStream and all their home soda maker starter kits for a long time now. I have used their seltzer makers and soda machines at numerous parties and gatherings, and they have always been great conversation starters with the guests. Aside from a few hiccups along the way, I have always had great experiences using all of SodaStream’s great lineup of home soda makers.

In this SodaStream Penguin review, I will discuss all the points of interest regarding SodaStream’s beautifully designed high-end soda maker. Everything from dimensions, capacity, and where the best place to order online is will be covered in this article so that anyone curious about the SodaStream Penguin can make an informed choice about this handy and fun home soda maker.

What is the SodaStream Penguin

The SodaStream Penguin is a machine that allows you to turn regular tap water into sparkling fizzy water at home. Using only a carbonator tank to infuse water with bubbly goodness, you can save yourself the hassle of hauling heavy bottles and bulky soda packs home from the supermarket.If you are a soda lover like me, you can add any of SodaStream’s many flavors to your sparkling water to turn it into any soda you can imagine.

The Penguin is one of SodaStream’s higher-end models and is therefore a little more pricey than others – although to some people, the added style and efficiency is well worth the extra cost. SodaStream Penguin uses handsomely crafted glass carafes instead of plastic bottles for carbonating water, giving this home soda maker a classier look when serving guests fresh bubbly water.

SodaStream Penguin Dimensions and Features

  • Height: 18″
  • Depth: 8”
  • Width: 5″
  • Weight: 15lbs

Colors: Available in Black/Silver with Nickel accents

Bottle Capacity: Uses 620ml/21oz glass carafes (carafes come with sealed tops for preserving carbonation)

About This Machine

sodastream penguin nice setThe first thing that I loved about the SodaStream Penguin is that it is actually shaped like a penguin!

I had received this SodaStream model as a gift from a friend, who had asked which one I had yet to try out, and have been enjoying it ever since. It is the heaviest SodaStream model that I have used, which makes it a little less practical for travel than my more compact SodaStream Fountain Jet, which has earned a permanent place in the cottage. The added weight of the SodaStream Penguin is not a bad thing though, as it gives the impression of an appliance that is very durable and difficult to damage.

The SodaStream Penguin uses beautiful glass carafes to do the carbonation, which I find great for dinner parties and when having family dinners. All I have to do is fill the water into the carafe, slot it into the stainless steel chamber, and BAM! instant soda water.

SodaStream Penguin is also the fastest carbonator I have used at this point. My older SodaStream Genesis and Source filled up my water with bubbles much more slowly than the Penguin, and I have found it much more convenient for use at gatherings where many people are attending as the supply of sparkling water is consumed much more quickly.

Lets get into everyone’s favorite questions about home soda makers!


The SodaStream Penguin is by far the best SodaStream home soda maker for quick carbonation. I have heard a few people mention in other SodaStream Penguin reviews that this machine not seal well with the glass bottle, but I have yet to have any problems. The carbonation in the glass carafes usually lasts all day if left open, but can last several days if sealed up.

A few tips I have for everyone are as follows:

  • Don’t over-tighten the lid on the glass carafes, as they can break if stressed too much. The glass carafes are otherwise pretty durable. If you drop them however, I would not use them, as the pressure of carbonization can make them pop and create a big mess.
  • When carbonating, press the beak (which serves as the button for letting the gas into the water) down for several seconds until you hear a squealing noise. This lets you know that the water is full of carbonation, and the glass is at its full capacity for gas.
  • I always keep a jug of water in the fridge these days so that I have a readily available supply of chilled water for use in the SodaStream Penguin. The glass carafes don’t hold a huge amount and it is more than likely you will run out if you only use the carafes to store water.

Drink Quality:

Glass of Lemon Lime Soda with PourI use the SodaStream Penguin mostly as a center piece at the beverage table when guests are over. Although I mostly use my Penguin to make sparkling water and mildly flavored drinks for the adults, I occasionally indulge in a home made soda with the kids. The sharp carbonation made with the SodaStream Penguin is perfect for seltzer water, which my wife really enjoys.

Ease of Use:

The SodaStream Penguin is a little more tricky to operate than the other SodaStream models I have tried out. Once you have figured out the routine on how to work it, the operation becomes much more simple.

If you want to see exactly how it works, please watch the video we have included, as it certainly makes the SodaStream Penguin much easier to use when you know what you are doing.


First and foremost, the SodaStream Penguin has let us make numerous bottles of sparkling water. My wife would always buy cases of Pellegrino or Club Soda for events that she was hosting, and the Penguin has allowed us to save lots of time and resources running to the store and hauling heavy boxes of water around. The Penguin is as elegant as it is economical.

The SodaStream Penguin has also saved us from having to return the inevitable pile of recyclable glass bottles to the bottle depot, and is also more convenient for enjoying a glass or two without having to open a bottle and keep it in the fridge.  The Penguin does not need any batteries or electricity to operate, so it can be used outdoors and at the cottage as well.

All in all, our SodaStream Penguin is a much smarter and cleaner way to enjoy fizzy water.


It just wouldn’t be an honest review if I had nothing to add to this section, so I have compiled a few things that I found slightly amiss with the SodaStream Penguin.

The 21oz glass carafes, while elegant looking on the table, don’t hold that much water. The SodaStream Penguin Starter Kit only includes one, which I know would not be enough if guests were to come over. Luckily I had ordered a few extra carafes for use with a previous model, and was able to save the day and keep everyone well supplied.  If you plan to use this at a larger dinner table, I would recommend that you also order a couple more. The extra carafes run about $10-$15 and are much more durable than the plastic bottles that come with the base model SodaStream machines.

The SodaStream Penguin also CANNOT use the larger 33oz carbonator tank, and can only mount the 14.5oz tank. It is not really a big deal for me, as I have several extra tanks kicking around the garage that I keep in reserve, but it is something to keep in mind if you use your SodaStream Penguin as frequently as I use mine.

Concluding Thoughts

sodastream penguin setAs an avid soda-enthusiast and veteran SodaStream user I can honestly say that the SodaStream Penguin is a great machine. It is very durable and makes great seltzer very quickly. This home soda maker can produce sparkling water and serves it directly into elegant carafes which can go straight to the table. I have had no real problems with the SodaStream Penguin and the whole family enjoys using it every chance they get.