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sodastream source optionsHello again my friends, and welcome back for an exciting and in-depth review of the SodaStream Source. The Source is one of the newer models of home soda makers offered by SodaStream.

In this SodaStream Source review, I will look into what makes this machine a great addition to the kitchen, and address some of the issues I have found while testing this new model. [click to continue…]


SodaStream Fizz PresentationAs many of my friends know, I’ve been an avid soda enthusiast for many years. For the past little while I’ve been experimenting with many of the SodaStream home soda maker starter kits, and have been able to compare many of the pros and cons of their different models.

My latest review tests the popular mid-level SodaStream Fizz home soda maker. [click to continue…]


SodaStream Pure with Glass of SodaHello everyone!

After having tested out the SodaStream Pure home soda maker for a while around my house and office, I feel I have learned everything I can about to put together a detailed SodaStream Pure review. If you did not know, I own or have tested many of SodaStream’s lineup of do-it-yourself soda kits, and have had a great time using all them. [click to continue…]